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WARD Arrhythmia: Exploring the detection rate of arrhythmias between single-lead ECG and Holter monitoring


Study design


Sample size

>10 participants for every arrhythmia


Study sites

Bispebjerg Hospital and Rigshospitalet


Inclusion criteria

Adult (>18 years) with known cardiac disease. 

Patients admitted at Bispebjerg Hospital for elective DC cardioversion because of atrial fibrillation.

Patients admitted at Rigshospitalet for adenosine stress test.

Patients admitted at Rigshospitalet with acute myocardial infarction. 



Study procedures

Included patients are simultaneously manually monitored with single-lead ECG part of WARD equipment and Holter monitoring. 


Primary outome

Number of occurrences of arrhythmias that can be detected on single-lead ECG compared to Holter monitoring.


Primary Investigator

Luna Ekenberg, Medical Student

Johan Jokinen, Medical Student

Jesper Mølgaard, MD, PhD Student