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Study design:

Observational study


Sample size

Up to 300 participants


Study Sites

Rigshospitalet, Bispebjerg Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital, Nordsjællands Hospital (Hillerød), Sjællands University Hosptial (Køge), Odense University Hospital, Aalborg University Hospital.


Inclusion criteria

Adult patients (from 18 years of age) admitted with a confirmed COVID-19 infection, where study inclusion is possible within 72 hours of admission OR within 48 hours of discharge from ICU to a medical ward, and at least one overnight stay expected. 


Study Procedures

Included patients will be monitored with WARD equipment after hospital admission and will be monitored during hospitalization. Patients vital parameters are continuously monitored and visible outside of the patients room limiting patient contact and personal protective equipment (PPE) use. 



Primary outcome is the cumulative duration of physiological parameter deviations. Secondary outcome is the frequency of micro events, measured by continuous vital sign monitoring and as measured by EWS in the control group. 


Primary Investigators

Katja Kjær Grønbæk, MD, PhD student